Andi Lennon (andispandex) wrote in snkplaymore,
Andi Lennon

3d jiggles

Spent the morning getting all blistered over KOF 2000 on the '8' setting. Triumphed in the end but was still left wanting. Anyway-this post is about MAXIMUM IMPACT 2. I think this game really deserved better press than it got. I personally think its the best SNK game in years (NGBC was pretty flash too) -and for one reason. My friends will actually play it. Tekken/Soul Calibur converts to a man they outright refuse to indulge in any 2d fisticuffs with me-much to my chagrin as i continually power geyser the AI,leaving a hollow sensation. However-boot up MI:2 and theyre clamouring for a joypad-even taking time to learn the DOA thrashings! Whod've thunk it?? Is it the new combo chains? Is it the sparkling high res flash effects? Or is it just the conditioning of a polygonal audience being thrown a bone? Whatever it is...its been awesome fun.
but on another note-how frikkin good does Kof xii look?????? *gibber*
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