Brotha Kyo - Serpent Wave is HOT. (luminous_manic) wrote in snkplaymore,
Brotha Kyo - Serpent Wave is HOT.

Kyo fanart

Athena Asamiya is not my lover! She's just a girl who claims that I AM the one..... but the kid is not my soooon....

I figured I'd spam some new KOF related fanart I did...

I tried 'digitally painting' the background and it came out better than I would imagine.

Anywho, As you can see, the 'baddie laddies' are replaced by all of Kyo's rivals (Malcontent Ash, Eternal Rival Iori, and the DNA-generated flames of K'.) and the 'kids' are replaced by Team Japan (The Fanboy Shingo, The Immovable Daimon, and the Bishounen Benimaru), plus instead of a spaceship, Kyo is riding away on a red motorcycle (Akira perhaps? Naaaah....)

Characters - SNKPLAYMORE
Artwork - Mike Burgess
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