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Apparently, it's been confirmed that KOF XII will be coming out to PC as well. So those who don't own a PS3 or 360, and realize that a PC doesn't do that whole 'region' check ordeal...

In fact, a plethora of new KOF XII info has risen -

- No Default Teams this time around, at least the arcade version. What they wanted to do was basically concentrate on re-working 20 of the more important characters. There will be no story or endings for the Arcade version... whoa.

No story.... Hm.

Think Iori will have purple flames then, thus ret-conning little to no story?

- KOF XII is a 'base' for the future of the series. This game is pretty much an experiment. In fact, I'm sure come around console time, more characters and moves will be added. The producer did say 'yes', the Ash Crimson saga will finally reach its conclusion its fans have been waiting for.

- No Online or Card System Play for the Arcade. That shit is expensive, but I'm sure the console version will have Online play.

- No MAX and MAX2 Specials this time. Talk about basic! The only thing we're going to get is the basic Desperation Moves. That will be the strongest special for each character. So No Buster Wolf or Final Showdown or anything of the such.

- Each Character is composed by 10 different people. No shocker there. The quality of the graphics have only went up in this series and jeez. Any less for the frames, it'd look like crap. Any more of the frames, and it'd be unbalanced. Basically, a good 400 - 600 frames per character should do it.

- What you see is what you get. The characters they have announced this time around? That's pretty much it for now -

Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido, and Goroh Daimon (Nippon Team, though oddly enough, I haven't seen any of Daimon...) - that's 3.

Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia (Incomplete Ryuko no Ken Team) - that's 5.

Ralf Jones and Leona Heidern (incomplete IKARI Team) - Seven.

Ash Crimson and Mr. Shen Woo. (Incomplete 'Main Hero' Team.) - Nueve.

Elizabeth Blanctorche - (Incomplete Rival Team, though none of her footage showed up either..) - 10..

Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Raiden - (Some Sort of Garou Team.) - 13.

Iori Yagami - (Incomplete Express Men Team Usually nowadays, the guy is a single entry.) - 14.

Kim Kap Hwan - (No Korea Team... though this man is a walking army.) - 15.

Athena Asamiya - (Incomplete Psycho Soldier team.) - 16.

There you have it. 16 out of the 20 characters confirmed. I won't be surprised if Mai doesn't show up again as she was absent in arcade KOF XI. I hope they keep King in, or hell, bring back an old character like Angel, OR HOW ABOUT K'?! WHERE THE HELL IS K'?! HE'S THE LOGO FOR KOF 15th FOR GOD'S SAKE AND IT'D BE CRAZY NOT TO HAVE HIM PLAYABLE - ahem.

So yeah. Thoughts. Discuss.
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