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This is a Livejournal community dedicated to the discussion of SNK Playmore: the games, the politics, the legacy. It will primarily be news-based; as such, so as to stem the tide of misinformation about this mysterious company, we'll try to cite our sources as well as possible. For other SNK-related (and assorted left-field) news, you might want to try the following sites:Please, feel free to contribute. If your posts are unusually long, we request that you make use of the LJ-cut feature.

Be aware that excessive, abusive, or otherwise irritating posts may be prone to editing or deletion.

Otherwise, relax and sink in the 2D goodness.

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SNK Playmore Group:

SNK Playmore Corporation
Center of overall operations for the reformed SNK. Also responsible for consumer development. Formerly Playmore Corporation; a company founded by ex-SNK president Eikichi Kawasaki in late 2001, after the Aruze disaster. Also a manufacturer of pachinko equipment, so as to ensure a steady stream of financial capital for game development.SNK NeoGeo
Center of arcade operations for the reformed SNK, including software development. Formerly Sun Amusement and Brezzasoft, both comprised of former SNK staff. Responsible for King of Fighters 2001 & 2002, SVC Chaos (presumably).

Noise Factory
Former late-era SNK second party. Current first-party development team within the new SNK group. Responsible for Rage of the Dragons, New Power Instinct: Matrimelee, Sengoku 3, Metal Slug 4.

Center of SNK arcade operations for North America.

SNK NeoGeo USA Consumer (site not yet up)
Center of SNK consumer operations for North America. Some original software development (King of Fighters 3D) is in the planning stages, but currently this is more of a bureaucratic branch. Current president is former late-era SNK USA marketing director Ben Herman.

SNK NeoGeo Hong Kong
Center of SNK operations throughout Asia, except Japan and Korea.

SNK NeoGeo Korea (site not yet up)
The first SNK NeoGeo branch office, founded by Playmore and licenced Korean SNK distributor Mega Enterprises in late 2001. Former base of Playmore operations, until they moved back to Japan some months later. Current president (as far as I'm aware) is chief Mega Enterprises executive Sang Min Lee.

Notable second parties:

Megaking / Mega Enterprises
Metal Slug 4. Also: co-founder of SNK NeoGeo Korea

The King of Fighters 2001 & 2002. Also: there are some complicated political issues between Eolith and SNK about various properties.

UNO Technology / Unotac
The King of Fighters Online (cancelled?). Also: the founder's name is Kim Kap Hwan; his son, and current company president, is Kim Jae Hoon.

Rage of the Dragons. Also: one of the only companies to ever develop a game for Brezza's ephemeral Crystal System. (Evoga seems to have disappeared, lately. No one knows where they went off to.)

Yuki Enterprises
Samurai Spirits Zero, Samurai Spirits Zero Special.

King of Fighters EX series. Also: there again seem to be a few political issues concerning various SNK properties.

Responsible for a series of SNK-related wireless Java games for the North American market

Alpha Denshi / Alpha / ADK
Time Soldiers, Twinkle Star Sprites, Magician Lord, Crossed Swords, World Heroes, Aggressors of Dark Kombat, Ninja Commando. SNK-funded subsidiary responsible for many, many games up through the end of SNK 1 (as it were).

Nautilus / Sacnoth
Koudelka, Faselei!, Dive Alert. Also: now a part of Aruze, under the name "Nautilus".

SNK Gals Fighters, Puzzle Link, Blazing Star, Biomotor Unitron


Notable third parties and other affiliated developers:

Capcom vs SNK series; SNK vs Capcom series. Also: SNK published some of Capcom's earliest games, such as Vulgus.

Double Dragon; Super Dodge Ball; Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

Puzzle Bobble series

Data East
Fighter's History series, Magical Drop, Spinmaster

Galaxy Fight, Waku Waku 7

Some of Toaplan earliest games, such as Mahjong King, were published by SNK.

A number of ex-SNK staff work here.

Founded by a number of high-level ex-SNK staff (including longtime production head Takashi Nishiyama).

Distribution aid; developer of Saturn and Dreamcast consoles. Also: visit the LJ Sega Community!
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